Friday, April 22, 2011 CPR

Yesterday morning.....sitting at my desk.....minding my own business.....trying to get a little work done.....


A Hummer had flown into my window and was laying on the sidewalk....

I yelled to Barbara...."a hummer hit the window.....get the camera..!!"
And ran out side......scooped him up

On closer inspection we saw his wings were OK......his feet and legs were OK.....
We thought his neck might be broken....but.....after a few minutes he started to move his head...

But......the little dude was out cold....
He was seeing the cartoon "stars and tweeties whirling around his head"

I cupped him in my hands for about twenty minutes and just when i felt he may not make it....


He was gone....!!

We saw him later at the feeder.......he must be fine.....he was fussing at the other male hummer....!!

Thanks Barb for taking the pictures.....

Life is Good


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures. I'm so glad the little fellow is okay.

  2. I'm so glad the little hummer was ok. It must have been a good feeling holding him in your hands and having him fly away too. I've never held one. Hope your Friday is a GOOD one.

  3. So nice to see a little hummer in person - close up! Glad he was ok - thank you for sharing the pictures (thanks Barbara!!) They are such wonders :)

  4. Poor little guy! I'm so glad he's ok.

    Blessings to you and your family this Easter season.

  5. What a unique opportunity. Lucky you and the hummingbird!

  6. My MIL had the same thing happen at one of her feeders! The little guy was okay after the stars faded.

  7. Poor guy!! WE had one fall off the feeder one night last year, when it got cold- thought he was a goner - but their metabolism drops when it gets cold, and I guess he did too!! I put him in a box wrapped in a towel on the porch- he came around and was gone by morning. I am waiting for this year's crew to show up - the feeders are out and waiting for customers!!

  8. Good evening, Linda May,
    That has to be one of the smallest creatures that I've seen. I'm glad it's OK.

    Anyway, not sure you know about my Etsy team should stop by and sign up!

    Have a blessed Easter. ~Natalie

  9. Oh my gosh, what lovely photos and a capture of a lifetime! He just needed to rest in your loving hands!

  10. I'm glad the little guy is okay. Amazing pictures you now have to treasure. Not many people can say they were able to hold a hummer.

    Happy Easter!

  11. Oh wow...talking about renewal of life during this Easter week...wonderful story...and all our little lady/feller needed you provided...warm love and tender hugs...awesome...sure glad you got pictures made too....I think you should send this to the newspaper!!! a beautiful spring story for everyone to read....hugs from KY

  12. You are a hero!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!