Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hanging In.......

......same ole' moon holding on over the western ridge......!!

And i feel a rant coming on about the price of gas.....
and $$ in military support to middle eastern countries....

I don't understand why we are pouring money and lives into oil producing countries and how we.....the USA.....are paying $4.00 a gallon.....

I think i agree with "the Donald" on this one......
they need to pay us back with barrels of crude...

Just a thought....

Life is Good


  1. I agree- it's to the point now, that I try now to watch the "real" news, just ET or Access Hollywood - for a laugh and a definite escape from reality!!!

  2. It's not just the gas but everything going effects everything! It could be I'll be staying home more and more. That's not a good thing with camping season beginning.
    It's chilly and wet here today so I don't mind but one of these days the sun is going to shine. Hope your Wednesday is a great one!

  3. Gas prices are terrible. Thank goodness I live in NC. Don't have to drive far to enjoy the beach or the mountains.

  4. Hey, I saw that moon too! We must be in the same place :)

  5. I saw the Donald on TV yesterday..he might be able to pull it off if he runs. Everything has gone up..not only gas but groceries too.
    Your photo is lovely:)

  6. That was just a little rant. I could go on for days!