Friday, April 15, 2011

Lions everywhere.....!!

Lions to the left....

Lions to the right.....

"Dandelions.....they're everywhere.....!!

I think Spring has Sprung...

Life is Good


  1. Good Morning, Linda May,
    Yes, a definite sign if spring. None here yet, but I have seen a robin!

    Thank you for giving us hope! Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie

  2. That is a sure sign of Spring! They are so bright and cheerful, it's a shame that they are called weeds. I hope your Friday is a wonderful one!

  3. I think it has here too, & I'm loving it! Our lions are gone as hubby did the first cut of the season this week! I love the smell of fresh cut grass! Our yard looks so pretty!

  4. We passed a field full of Dandelions and they looked so pretty ~ I never think of them as a weed ~ I would have taken a picture of them but unfortunately I had left my camera at home ~ Ally x

  5. We have a very old potbellied pig. When he was a youngster, he'd dig under his fence and go grazing in the neighbor's yard. He'd nip the blossom off every dandelion. They were his absolute favorite treat.

  6. Your pictures are beautiful. Have a beautiful weekend :)