Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday...... mushy or sentimental Thankful Thursday today....

No....we're all doing the "happy dance" cause....

The Tail is Back.....!!!

Yep it's curling over his back like the question mark it should be....

No more "droops!!!"

Still don't know what started the downward slope....

Life is Good


  1. So very happy to see that little tail curling upward again!

  2. I think we all have droopy tail days... Our rottie, Handsome, is the same way. Rowdy's is docked so he has no choice but to keep his up.

    I'm glad your boy is happy again!!


  3. I'm thankful to see that curling tail again. It must mean that all is right again. That was a strange one. Happy dances are wonderful things! I hope your Thursday is a great day!

  4. YEAH! Life is Good!
    Also, I saw your snowflakes yesterday...yikes! I thought you would be in the seventies by now!
    Have a nice day and thanks for visiting!

  5. OOOOKKKKaaaasaY! The happy dance!!! Good to see Max with tail curl. Probably was waiting for the SPRING to come back. LOL

    Great and have a good day, yes Life is good.

    Sherry & JAck leaving Michigan tomorrow.

  6. That was strange but glad what ever the cause is leaving him alone. Snappy Di is right. I've had a few of those days myself though in my case, mine was dragging.

  7. Good for him getting that curl back. Our neighbors dog drags his tail when the family is going off for a few day and leaving him behind for hubby to keep and eye on. He knows when they start packing to go without being told then that tail starts dragging the ground. Helen

  8. My chiropractor has adjusted my dogs for similar maladies. Their little vertebrae get out of whack sometimes and the tail is the first to go!