Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What do you think.......

This is the view from the front porch this morning.....

What'a ya think.....?

Think we'll get that 50% chance of rain the weather gurus are yapping about......


Life is Good


  1. I think you make "everyday life" a wonderful thing...!!! and yes..."life is good"...God Bless you every day...Ora in KY

  2. It looks like you'll be getting rain today. We are for sure. Too much rain is causing flooding here. They say we'll have more through Thursday. I'm hoping they are wrong and that your Tuesday is a terrific one rain or shine!

  3. Oh, to have the job of a weatherman. Be wrong half the time and still keep your job. Such is Spring in the Carolinas!

  4. Keep your head down. We are sending you our latest storm and are cooking anothere one up tonight to send to you. These are a bit rough and I hope they wear down a lot before they get to you.

  5. Looks like the weather there is much like it is here. We're told to expect extreme weather coming into our area this evening.

  6. I'm 50% sure you will get some and 100% sure we won't. Hope you're having a nice day.