Friday, November 22, 2013

Fifty Years....

...where has the time gone..?

I had just turned thirteen, in middle school, and my main ambition in life was probably to make my family miserable..
I remember being in Social Studies, when we were all called to the courtyard to lower the flag and then ushered on school buses for a long, very quite ride home......
I remember watching TV from 6AM till midnight...
(yes, kiddies TV has not always been 24/7)
I remember the schools being closed and my Dad not going to work..
I remember the adults having quite conversation in corners....predicting what would happen to our country and sadly shaking their heads...
It's only now....fifty years later....that i understand what the sad faces and head shaking was all about...

Where were you and what do you remember...?

Everyday is a Gift


  1. It seems impossible that 50 years have passed. He was such a great man that everyone felt his loss.

  2. I was a junior in high school and in gym class when the announcement was made over the intercom. School was dismissed for the day and I walked to my grandmother's house as my mom was at work and we didn't ride the bus. Then my dad watched the news non-stop. Everyone was worried what would happen to the Country. A very sad day!!

  3. I was 10 years old and home from school for lunch and heard it on the noon news. I ran back to school with the news.It was so sad.

  4. That was the day us 'boomers' had a real taste of life. I was a sophomore, the rest of your scenario from the bus ride home to the captivation with the new for the days that followed is identical to yours. Sad day!

  5. Yes, remembering a sad day!! I hope never to see that again...

  6. Yes, I remember this day very well. I posted about it on my blog today!

  7. I was born five years later, but know enough to realize what a turning point this was for our nation.

  8. I was in 5th grade and will never forget.
    Sad and tragic.

  9. I was one year old at the time, and no recollection. However, I do remember being about your age of 13 when I saw a TV history program on what happened and it was intense. As much as it bothered me at that age, I can't imagine being old enough to understand and try and absorb it.

  10. I was in seventh grade and twelve years old that year..I was in Social Studies too. It was hard to comprehend...I watched the news too..some of those images never leave you do they:(