Thursday, November 21, 2013

Saturday and Sunday....

Several have asked...well, three....why i don't blog on the weekends...
I need the break...!!
Cruising thru my daily blog list this morning, i found a few bloggers that have decided to take a little break...'cause they've run out of good material or they are just tired...or approaching Holidays...

That's why i don't blog on the weekend...
It takes many quite hours to come up with this daily dribble i put on this blog...
Daily life up here in the high country moves along at an aged snails pace..
Of course the weather and it's the mess in Washington are always available for a few posts...but...there's not much we can do about either...
Just like this post....  :)

Everyday is a Gift


  1. You are entitled to have your weekends off. I usually don't even read blogs on the weekend. We all need to take a break. It must be hard writing something every day, but we do appreciate it even if it's just a picture of the beautiful area you live in.

  2. Life can get ho-hum, and we all need a few days to recharge our energies!!

  3. Ahhh, never boring. Just the pictures of the houses in the high country bring a smile, not to mention the 3-M's.
    Love from the Sunshine state...

  4. Not boring at all...anything you write about keeps me in touch with the mountains I love!

  5. I always enjoy your posts. Weekends are wonderful and I'm glad you take time to enjoy yours.