Thursday, November 14, 2013


I'm using CityBoy's laptop and this keyboard is soooo small, but, it's getting the job done...
'Ecryptron Locker

Remember that name.....that's the name of the bug that invaded my computer....!!
apparently it's spreading like wildfire.....the tech at the computer hospital was very familiar with it...

I love this picture of the 3M's..
I've used it many times...watching for Santa, watching for the MaleChild to come home, guarding the yard from big bunnies, etc...
..this time they're guarding against another virus attach...

21.8* on the front porch this AM..

Everyday is a Gift


  1. The name of that bug is nasty all by itself. Glad you have another to use there. It's a little warmer here at 31 degrees this morning and we may have a heat wave and warm up to 40 degrees today. I do love your critters they are so cute watching out there on your porch. Hope you have a great Thursday!

  2. The name of the bug is nasty. So glad CityBoy is loaning you his laptop. 29 degrees here this AM but it should warm up to high 40's.

  3. Oh quite balmy did you ask how you got that email? a web site:(

  4. Love the pic. Getting a bug is so annoying. Always makes me wonder why some people feel the need to be so malicious by spreading viruses.

  5. Love the pic too ! It was cold here this morning (30's) but warming to 70's this afternoon!

  6. I did hear about that bug on TV and am sorry it came to live with you. Wonder if anyone pays them the $300? That has to be illegal.

  7. I think everyone loves that shot. it always says something! BRRRRRR too cold for this old man, it was 77 when we drove into Wildwood...

  8. Never heard of it, and hope I never get close up and personal with it either! Brrr is right....getting chilly!