Thursday, February 3, 2011

A couple of things.....

Misskitty Here...!!

It's Thankful Thursday.....
And i've been thinking of a few things i'm very thankful for....
Here goes...

  • This last Mega-storm missed our neck of the woods.....we just had a few days of and now cold wind...
  • Mama keeps a pantry full of kitty food.....(she's forgiven for the surprise trip to the vet....after all it was the new cute one....)
  • I can sleep on the guestroom bed.....the Malechild's bed.....the dog bed....and in the sunshine on the windowsill....
  • I have a buddy named Jack69..who's been asking for me......Hi...Jack...!! How's Florida?
  • And the best one of all.......the dogs are in tr-ou-bble..!!...for digging holes, Mom & Dad told them not to.....they don't listen...!!'a go....the sun is shinning and it's time for my morning nap...

Life is Good


  1. I think Miss Kitty and my dog Sara went to the same school! I am glad the storm missed you!

  2. I'd say it's good! Oh, the life of a next life, m-m-m.

  3. Life is perfect I'd say for you. Leave my canine friends alone or I'll have to lick you! BTW tks for the B'day wishes! Cheers!

  4. I am glad you are so Thankful and have so masny things to be thankful for ~ Life is good for you Miss Kitty enjoy the Sunshine ~ Ally x

  5. WEll Miss Kitty you did come back after taking some time off to bug the dogs, I mean, help correct Mia and Max. May be a little word about the holes might be in order!!

    But then Max may have another sde of the story.
    Glad the weather is suiting you and the storms will soon be past, the spring sun will be out and you can sleep on the porch rail.

    Love from Florida!!!! Kiss mama for us, oh I forgot you don't do that stuff, that is the other two!

  6. Miss Kitty I just have to say thank you to you for all the smiles you gave me today. I have sun at my house too but am much to big to curl up in the few places it is coming in the windows. Life is good...we made it through another winter storm safe and sound. Have a great Thrusday!

  7. Sounds like a kitty that is slightly spoiled and lovin' it!
    Happy to hear the bad storm missed you! From the photos I've seen, it was bad one!!

  8. You are a beautiful lady and deserve only the best. Make sure she gives it to you.

  9. Wow, it doesn't get much better. Enjoy. Cool picture of you by the way.

  10. I don't think you're spoiled one bit misskitty. You need to go have a talk with Sam at my Mom's and tell him to quit climbing trees and getting stuck. Take care, Sheila