Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Look.......

...this is it....
This is the look i'm trying to copy....

What'a you think.....?.....think the income tax guy will take pity on me, with this look... is the day...
The day we must run out the door...after the snow melts.....and have the dreaded income taxes done....ugh....!!

To be honest....we've never had to pay......we have always gotten a return.....some years more $$ than others...

And there is a wonderful group of retirees in this area, that work out of the library......who prepare and file your taxes for ...FREE....!!

But....i like to have this look hiding in the wings...just in case...

Maybe, i'll just take Max with us and squeeze him if we need to use the "look!"

Life is Good


  1. That look could sway anyone I'd think. What a cutie that Max is and I know he knows it too! I always figure if I don't have to pay it's a good thing. Hope your Thursday is a great one!

  2. Good luck with your tax return.Your Max is a cutie, take care.

  3. Hope the 'look' works if needed...ha. You didn't send us enough snow, we only got a dusting... :) Take care, Sheila

  4. Definitely take Max with you. It wouldn't hurt! :-)
    We've been having to pay for the past 5 years...I dread income tax time!

  5. There is finally an advantage to my being old and poor---no taxes. Yes I love it.
    That look would work on speeding tickets also. Definitely work on it.

  6. What a look thru those Brown eyes!!Sure it will work, be [prepared to give it a try.

    Not my favorite time of the year. BUT spring is BRING IT ON!