Friday, February 25, 2011

I Want......

....a "really" big windmill....!!

One that would create enough power to run my house and the parental unit's house up the hill....

The strength of the wind gust over the last few days have been strong enough to power the whole neighborhood....!!

I heard it moaning and groaning during the night and first i think....
  • didn't i leave Florida to get away from hurricane force winds
then i think...
  • what a waste ....all that nice gale force .... if i had a windmill the local power company could be paying me for my excess wattage.....!!
Well....if i had the would be something to investigate....

Do you think Wal Mart would let me put donation jars at the check-out lines...??

Life is Good


  1. Sounds like a pretty reasonable request....Windmills are the wave of the future, if not now. Just hope the supposed noise/vibrations don't send you running back to Florida!

  2. The wind here is blowing snow all over the place. Windmills are getting more popular. Who knows what the future will bring. I don't quite think there is room for one in my yard however. Have a Happy Friday!

  3. Yes, that would be fantastic! I actually have checked into a turbine for our home as well. We are saving the money to have one put in. I think it is a wonderful idea. We get those BIG winds too!! Sounds like it will tear off the roof sometimes! Don't get blown away friend!!! Hugs Sharon

  4. Go for it but you would need alot of change for a windmill

  5. Go ahead and try it. Walmart is a customer oriented system.

    Yeah that wind would create some power. I was curious, when I saw the blades on the turbines out west being transported on tractor and trailers. I looked it up, ONE of those turbines can furnish 1450 homes for a year. WOW

    GEt one and sell the power!!!

    Three jars should do it!!

    Love from Ypsilanti, MI

  6. Life is good ~ but somehow I do not think Walmart will let you put collection jars out but you never know if you don't ask you never will ~ :O) ~ Ally x

  7. As long as there are no big trees near your house, I say let it blow!

    But then again, it's gonna blow no matter what I say! :0

  8. I would donate to your cause! I can't believe you are paying the same high prices! I thought it was just bad here!Your right, life is good!

  9. There is one of those big thingys north of us. I told Jack and Sherry this one time and now I'll tell you. Once I saw a big truck hauling one of those giganic blades and I thought it was an air plane wing.