Tuesday, February 1, 2011


....we've been inundated with fog and the rain is on the way...
(above picture is good compared to last night and earlier today)

But..it's only the fringes of the storm coming across the mid-west...
Headed for the Atlantic Coast...

"Watch out here is Comes"....
Wasn't that a hit song somewhere back in the pass when i was teenager or maybe a young adult.....Yeah.....young adult....i remember singing it with my kids.....!!

Be careful out there, all my blogger friends in the path of this storm.......i don't like what Al Roker is showing me about the weather over the next few days....

Stay in......stay safe.....stay warm.....

Life is Good


  1. We have had fog in the Bay Area. Later it has been 70' in the afternoon. I heard about the blizzard that is on the way. I hope you keep warm, safe and have your emergency supplies ready!

  2. I, in my absolutely contrary way, of course, am looking forward to this storm. We're supposed to get THUNDERSNOW!!!!!

  3. I hope youare seeing the last storm of the season roll through. It is time for some spring-time singing and dancing!!!

    Even Miss Kitty will enjoy the change!!

  4. Yep we are staying in and keeping warm here. I did my share of clearing the snow off this morning and am now in for the day. I hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

  5. Well it just left here (Wyoming) and it was brutal -- just brutal. I'm still living with the aftermath...UGH. Stay safe everyone.

  6. Oh Dear, please stay warm and in the meantime, keep the cold weather there so it doesn't hit NC...how's that for being supportive?

  7. We will warm up to about 61 tomorrow, before it dips down again.
    take care, Sheila

  8. Stay warm with lights hopefully on and just enjoy. Those prepared are never scared.
    We dodged the bullet with snow but it is really cold.