Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday......

Mia here....


Today in the little cabin on the Twelve Acre Wood....
We're thankful for the rain....
And we're hoping it washes away that nasty smell from the 27 acres across the road...that the big trucks spread fertilizer on last week....


Life is Good


  1. YES, life is good...could you please send some of that rain to us in NC so our wildfires are put to rest? We need it so badly~
    It's cloudy and it sure looks like it wants to rain, but none yet!

  2. I sure do hope the air is much better for you all with that rain...fertilizer has a very distinct odor for sure. Have a great Thursday...more snow coming here tonight!

  3. I bet you do! We are supposed to get some storms here tonight & in the morning, & of all days I have to get out in it for work =0(

  4. MA is right, fertilizer has a distinct odor. Guess it could be called a crude spring odor. Will be summer soon.

  5. Mia, I can't remember talking to you. Where have you been. Is it fertilizer or manure???

    Ha, both smell bad a the wrong time.

    I hope the rain cures it. Is mama getting ready to go back to work???
    You all take care at leat the rain is not SNOW!
    Love from ypsilanti, MI