Sunday, February 6, 2011

....Face Off.....

(Sorry about the blurred was taken with the old camera...that did not have the stop action feature and Max & Mia would not hold matter how many treats i offered them)

It's the day......face off day.....
it's Super Bowl Day....!!

And i'm torn.....
We live a few hundred miles from Pittsburgh and i have BFF ties to Green Bay...

What's a girl to do...??!!

I guess i'll pig-out on Super Bowl Food...& yell....

"May the best team win"...

then tomorrow i'll claim i cheered for the winner all along....

Life is Good


  1. Love the picture of the dogs. Stay warm!

  2. Me, I'm looking forward to the commercials, especially the new Budweiser Clydesdale one.

  3. How cute. Who played GB? Lucky you, you will be OK with whoever wins. That is a comfortable way to watch the Big One.

  4. Good Morning,
    I'm with you...we have friends that are serious fans of both teams. I think it will be a good game...and great food!

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday ~Natalie

  5. The PACKERS!!! of course!!!! I am from Wis. near GB but now live in the Piedmont Triad, NC....GO PACK GO!!!

  6. It's the same here. I really don't have any ties to either team so I'll be wishing them both a great game and may the best man win! Happy Sunday!

  7. I don't really care who wins. I just want to see the commercials!

  8. Sherry says we don't have any Super Bowl food! I said "WE have pretzels!!!" How much more Yankee can you get. Then she said they are playing in the SOUTH! OH well. Our TV is still programming, we might can get it out of Tampa it is about 100 miles.
    It doesn't look like it.

    Oh well.
    May the best team Green Bay win. hahahahahaah

  9. Why didn't I think of that! lol Guess the best team won.