Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday R&R.......

How 'bout that..!!

I'm sitting here at the kitchen desk with the front door open onto the in one hand....trying to type on the keyboard with the other hand.....still in my PJ's.....cup of coffee to the left of me and the refrig, stocked with lots of goodies to the right of me......

As you can see.....Max & Mia are telling the local wildlife to pipe-down the MaleChild is still sleeping....and CityBoy left for work before dawn.......

I love mornings like this.......nothing on the agenda.....
I'm gonna take a pointer from "Ma" and use this as an R&R day....
Maybe i'll quilt......maybe i'll read......maybe i'll do some experimenting in the kitchen.....maybe i'll reward myself for saving $19.50 using coupons at the grocery stores yesterday.....maybe i'll even get dressed....maybe i'll watch movies all day.....since STARZ's is giving me free movies for 12 months.....watched Julie/Julia last night....pretty good chick flick.....

PS.....for those of you that are wondering......"Yes".....i turn off the heat before i opened the door...!!

Life is Good


  1. I think Max and Mia are looking for SPRING.

  2. How can you do a thing like that? just show me an open dor to the outside without someone yelling close the door! Not really complaining, it is supposed to be cold in Michigan in February.

    It is nice to have a choice of 'What to do or What not to do!'

    However I see even in liesure you are multi-tasking. hahahahaha

    Have a great day, we get above freezing today, so we will have a good day!

    From Ypsilanti via hospital computer (s)

  3. Sounds like this is YOUR DAY!!! Actually this routine sounds and looks very familiar.....except for the OPEN door! Beautiful shot of the dogs!

  4. How wonderful to have a little piece of heaven right where you are today. Fresh air and warmth sound just wonderful. I'd be sitting on the porch in the sun soaking up the rays if I were there. Enjoy your wonderful Sunday!

  5. Good Morning, Linda May,
    Wow you can have your door open? The fresh air must smell grand! Yes, I love the Julie & Julia movie and better combination, right?

    You know we had been stranded in the most recent blizzard, so am way behind on blog reading and commenting. I hope everything is well with you.

    Have a relaxing Sunday ~Natalie

  6. Well, what a view from your point of! I love it. Hope you have a great day. You mean people would really ask if you had the heat turned off? I should know sometimes folks are judgmental. lol

  7. An open door - how wonderful!

    I'm usually on the go every day of the week. I've decided to take it easy today and let Sunday be a day of rest. I just started my first Doris Lessing book and the big comfy couch in the living room beckons.

  8. Everyone needs a mental health day ever now and again! :)

  9. Good girl for turning off the heat before you opened the door...I sometimes forget!
    It was 80 today here in Raleigh and I did some yard work, played with Hurricane, took him for a walk, gave him a bath and took a little snooze on the deck with the sun shining on my face :) There is nothing better!!!
    I truly hope whatever you decided to do, you enjoyed your day!

  10. You have such a beautiful view from your deck. You are very lucky.

  11. Sounds like a HEAVENLY DAY at your place! I love days like that!



  13. Ah, what a nice peaceful scene. R&R is the only way to go. I try to devote most of my days to just that.