Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Snowing Again......

...the sky's are suppose to give us flurries and snow showers for the next two to three days....

Hummmmm...is there a difference between flurries and snow showers....
does one produce more snow than the other....??

Up here in the Twelve Acre Wood the winds are blowing at a rate of...
"Your not Sticking Today" speed.....!!

Sooooo....i guess i'll spend part of the day watching the wind push the flakes around.....

Would this be a case of .."Wind Bullying?"

Life is Good


  1. You have a beautiful view from your home. I bet you love every minute of it. You are certainly blessed.
    Stay warm ... I think we should just call snow ... snowfall. LOL

  2. Hi Darlin' yes yes I feel your freeze!! -13 here. I'm ready for spring for sure!!! Hang in there pal!

  3. We too have more! and it's so cold too. Hope is on the way they say. It'll go above freezing come the weekend. Hope your Tuesday is terrific

  4. I like the new wind speed. I think it could be spring fever causing your brain to do summer-saults.
    (IS that a word?) Anyway take care, I hope this is old man winters last gasp before Spring Springs into action.
    ((When I saw the daisies a couple days ago I thought it already had!)
    Love from cloudy Florida.

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  6. Okay I checked back. I should have said 'When I saw the daisies YESTERDAY!'

  7. I read something on the weather.com website about the difference between snow showers and flurries but I don't remember what. I was looking for the conversion between amount of snow vs. amount of rain. Not a good answer there, either. Just 2 hours south of you ...sunny and high of 50°

  8. We have more snow coming in tonight and tomorrow. They're saying 4 to 10 more inches. I'm so ready for Spring!

  9. Send that snow further east...I'm looking for some more...:) Take care, Sheila

  10. Our big snow is coming tonight. We had one of those windy ones a while ago where the snow never seemed to hit the ground, the wind blew it sideways.
    Stay warm and just enjoy.