Monday, March 7, 2011

How much rain did we get....??

This is the little creek that's about 1/4 mile from the Twelve Acre Wood on the SW corner of the property.......on a "normal" day we can hear it ...but...not see it......on a "normal" day the depth maybe....maybe....8-10 inches.....

As you can see......yesterday was "not" a normal day....!!

Then by mid-afternoon......this was the view out my window at work.....
We had about 4" of the white stuff within two hours.....!!!.....Yikes....!!

Good News

Snow is gone and the creek's down this morning.....

Life is Good


  1. We still have that snow on the ground here but our rivers and streams are down too. Everyone is hoping that we can dry out a bit before the next rain which is coming our way. Happy Monday!

  2. WOW that was a fast 4". Amazing that much down there this tme of the year. But it is beautiful on the ground. We are hoping that 3" yesterday was the last.

    Our patient may get to the rehab section, and then we can head south.

    Love sent down from YPSI

  3. Linda,
    that white stuff is gross :) ..just kidding, but I don't want to see anymore, as I bet you don't either! NC had tons of rain and I'm glad we didn't go down the creek in our backyard...I feared for ahile.
    I never even got out of my jammies yesterday; thank you rain!

  4. Guess the good Lord was willing and the creek didn't rise--anymore than it did.
    Hope that was Winters last hurrah.

  5. Phew...I was worried that you might float away!

  6. Scary. To much water. Good thing you live on a mountain.