Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Week Begins....

Are we in the "Lazy Days" of summer...?

There doesn't seem to be much going on anywhere....
except this crazy heat...!
And i'm tired of blogging about how hot it is....blah!

I'm tired of blogging about the political situation.......blah!
Washington seems to be in a race to make us a third world country.....blah!

I seem to have the "Blahs" on my favorite day of the week....


Let's go out and make something happen this week....

Life is Good


  1. Maybe so, about blah.
    BUT the picture sure isn't. I just love the picture of the fawns, soon to be grown deer. Deer are beautiful animals young and fully mature. They make my insides smile, and gives a soothihg feeling to see them. Thanks.

  2. Hay, if we become a third world country, does that mean other countries have to support us for a change? Concentrate on the deer, they never let us down.

  3. No blog from me today because I was thinking about how bored everyone must be with the same old, same old. Blah!

  4. I'm always looking for the bright side of things and so for me it was a great Monday. The weather cleared out and it's a really nice evening here in Ohio. I'm grateful for that and I spent the day with my youngest grandson so that was wonderful. Sometimes you just have to turn on the a/c and turn off the news. Life is good.