Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awwwwwww.....more of the babies....

I've written about it before....
The MaleChild seems to have a gift for photos...

There seems to be a camera close by or attached to his hand...
whenever a "Kodak" moment arises...

Such was the case on Tuesday evening when the Deer family arrived for dinner.

These were taken with my Nikon P100..
from the front porch.......which is about 15 ft high and 50 ft away....
We've done no photo shopping or any of that fancy stuff with a computer program...
(mainly cause i don't know how....)

I love the way i can see the hair growth pattern in the second pix on the babies legs...

Life is Good


  1. "Wish" the male child could capture my elusive critters down here...nice pics! thanks for sharing

  2. Great pictures! Any time I try to get pictures far away my zoom seems to make things blurry. Hope your Thursday is a great one!

  3. Good Morning,
    What kind of camera does your male child prefer? I would love something new!

    Make a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie

  4. If I had those in my yard, I wouldn't get much done. Wonderful shots.

  5. I need a male child at my place! Wonderful photos.

  6. Thank goodness your Male child always carry his camera ~ otherwise we may have missed his beautiful pictures ~ they really are lovely ~ Ally x

  7. 'Tis true, these are postcard quality. Nothing else covers it except, "Nature is Beautiful" and here it is captured.
    Thanks, one of those things that is new every time. Love it.

    Jack & Sherry down in Gaston County

  8. Awwww, so adorable. The "male child" is, indeed, a good photographer.