Friday, August 5, 2011

Ohhhhhh Mannn!!

It's only August 5th and there are three....
Three beads in the jar....!!

2 green.....light snows
1 blue.....heavy snow

Things aren't look good for this winter...

Now if i see a black squirrel on the way to work....
we're snowed in.....

Life is Good


  1. Better stock up on the quilt and soup supplies now! (and the furry friends food!)

  2. That is not a good sign at all. I guess we best enjoy the good weather all we can while we can. It's a beautiful sunny morning here and it's only 68 degrees which feels wonderful.I hope your Friday is a great one!

  3. Ahhhh, but snowed in, with a roaring fire, a good book, and all those you love safe and sound in the house with you can be heavenly.

  4. Most of us end up using half of our vacation for snow days because it snows that much in Orange Conty New York. Hang in there.

  5. I just hope that I'm up there this winter to see some of that snow!

  6. I think we are in a cycle of extremes. I am expecting a tough winter after this wicked summer.

  7. Hey, I cannot wait to see how this comes out again this year.

    I got lost in the mountains today. My GPS took me to dirt roads, gravel roads. We would come to the Blue ridge Parkway, it would show me getting on the road, NO ACCESS.

    Anyway we made it to Marion VA to eat and got back down to the cheese factory just before it closed. Got some curds and also got a picture of the Cows. They are new to us.
    Take care.
    Jack &Sherry

  8. I love the bead in the jar blogs.