Friday, August 26, 2011



Could this week have been any stranger...??

From earthquakes to hurricanes...

Irene will be way east of us...soo...we'll only get some winds and maybe a little rain...
After 56 years in Florida my advice to my fellow bloggers in the cone of probability is..

Prepare for the worst and pray for the best...

and double the amount of water you think you will need...
not just drinking water...but...water for bathing and flushing toilets....

Yep....we ust'a fill those bathtubs !!

Praying for the east coast...
and i'm putting another bead in the jar.....can't see the roads this AM...

Life is Good


  1. We won't be feeling any effects in northern Ohio either. But I'll join you in praying for all those that might be in harm's way. Take care with the fog at your house this morning. Have a wonderful Friday!

  2. 19 years ago today as our 1st grandson was about to make his entry into the world, we sat in the hospital watching as Hurricane Andrew released its fury on Louisiana. I pray for all those that are in Irene's path.

  3. Have a good Friday. I am putting a couple more anchors to the Car ports. I am now a believer after HUGO many years ago, they can come ashore. WE have some good memories of trying to run away from one in the Motor home. Everywhere we settled it seemed to turn and head that way. We ended up in Georgia as watched it pass as a Tropical storm.
    Anyway enjoy the weekend.

  4. There won't be anything here, but I'm really worried for NY City and Boston. They're just not used to this kind of stuff.

  5. My prayers too for everyone in the path of Irene.

  6. I like Fridays too! Irene could be a really bad storm from the looks of the TV..of course Minnesota is not in the path:)

  7. Glad to hear you are out of the line of fire/water....word has it we are too far east as well...phew! Missy Irene...just go away please!