Monday, August 15, 2011's not apple season.......

over the last week.....several "bargain boxes".....appeared at our house..
And in these boxes were apples....
fairly good apples....some were bruised.....some had spots on'um......some had little dents....

What do you do with "bargain box" apples....?
1. you can feed them to the deer....
2. you can make applesauce...

So out came the apple peeler.....the canning stuff was out...
(left over from the 'maters)


Six quarts of applesauce....

Sorry..Jack and TallGuy it's got chunks and cinnamon.... ;(

Life is Good


  1. That sounds like my favorite kind of applesauce. Chunky and with cinnamon. Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. YUM-the jars look great-and this time of the year always makes me think of applesauce and granny's fried pies : )

  3. A busy and productive weekend for you!

  4. Just found your blog from another..applesauce looks very yummy! Of course applesauce must have chunks and cinnamon!

  5. Your home must smell fantastic right now.

  6. All I can think of is Chunky Monkey, and I have never had it, but th ename still sticks. hahaha

    Enjoy the Applesauce, no matter. I did not realize the apples came from the bargain box. You are such an active mountaineer. You know how to direct the energy. The canning looks great. It always takes me back to mama's canning.

    Love from down here.

  7. Looks and sounds good. I went to an apple festival once. They had everything apple.

  8. When I canned, I made the chunky stuff too. It feels so fresh and real in your mouth. What a great treasure to find on your doorstep.

  9. Your Mom made great use of bargin apples. They look delicious!!
    Hugs Madi

  10. Well as long as you like it, that's all that matters :)

  11. Chunks and cinnamon is the only way isn't it??