Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It Wasn't the Real Me......

.....yesterdays blog....was an impostor....
it wasn't the real me...

I'm the happy one..
the one that finds the silver lining in every cloud...
the one that greets each day with a smile...
the one that could not figure out why i was dealing with a bad case of fatigue and a bad attitude at the same time....
And lets not talk about the body aches....!!

It was the UTI talking and blogging...
Yep....stopped by the Doctor's office and found that my annual UTI was rearing it ugly head...

Joy of joys...!!!
Last years antibiotics that cost me $87.00..
can now be bought in generic form.......
Hello.....$8.59 little pills of relief.....

Things are almost back to normal and

Life is Good


  1. I somehow missed your post yesterday. So glad to hear things are better for you today.

  2. I'm awfully glad to hear you are feeling much better today and that your meds are so reasonable now too. Generic in most cases are the way to go although I hear some won't work as well. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  3. So happy the $ price went way down...gees!

  4. Ahhhh back to normal, we still got the Life is good anyway, and it is especially theprice for normalcy. So remember to stay on top!!!!
    Always enjoy the BRboomer, always a positive spot on the web.
    From over here

    Sherry & Jack

  5. That's good news. Those nagging little infection can wear you down so quickly.

  6. Hi, So sorry to hear about your UTI; I used to get them on a regular basis but finally increased my Vit.C intake and also took Cranberry capsules and that has helped tremendously. I hate taking antibiotics but hate UTI's more. Glad you're feeling more like yourself but take it easy.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Glad you're feeling better - UTI is a pain!