Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy weekend....

Yesterday was another blue bead day....

After i could find the roads....the female parental unit and i took off for the local Wally-World....


Not only was it tax free weekend....but....the cooling units in the meat, dairy and produce sections were on the frtiz ......Walmart blue shirted people were pulling stock out of the cases as quickly as possible.....
Don't know how long the coolers had been down......i think for awhile.....cause the smell was starting to make it's way thru the store.....


Quickly left and went to CityBoy's store.....nothing there on sale that i wanted, but Mom got a few bargains......


The produce we're talking......i love the produce stand.....
The best tomatoes....

All this to cook my male parental unit a birthday dinner today....
birthday is Tuesday.....


Another bargain box appeared...sooooo..... we now have 7 qts of dill and 6 qts of bread&butter pickles....

Life is Good


  1. ahhhhh, the pickles look great. I wish we had learned to can, but then in the motor home that would be a joke. hahaha!

    Hope you have a good evening,

    Love from over here.
    Sherry & Jack

  2. I saw a quilt on sale for $500+ the other day. I did not know I slept in such wealth as I grea up. Winters I had four of five of those things on me!!!

    Mama was a quilter from her youth.

  3. Mmmmmm, homemade pickles. I wish I had the patience to can, but I'm just not a cook.

  4. You should never lack for pickles.
    Hope MPU enjoys his special dinner.

  5. You have had a busy weekend. Birthdays and home made pickles are wonderful things. All worth the time spent for sure.

  6. It's only August the 7th. I find it disturbing to watch how fast those beads are going into your JAR!

  7. Yummie bread and butter pickles