Friday, August 19, 2011

Bead Count...!!

Hummmmmm....not too bad!!

Four blue and five green..
Four heavy snows and five light snows..

So far winters looking pretty good

Hey....Mother Nature...!!

Let's keep it that way...
... just asking...ahhhh...requesting....ahhhh....telling....

Hey....MN are you listening...??

Life is Good


  1. It would be nice if it were a light winter here, but one way or the other I know it is going to get freezing cold and stay that way November thru March here. It always has and probably always will. I'm not a fan of snow or cold so I'm hoping for some beautiful days before that happens. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one.

  2. Life seems to be very good where you are ~ we seem to have had Winter all the year ~ our Summer has been a bit of a washout ~ Ally x

  3. I can handle the cold, but the snow slows me down. Hope you don't have to add any more colors to the jar. lol.

  4. I must have missed your bead philosophy, somewhere along the line. What's the theory behind it?

  5. That would be perfect for me. Hope the beads work.

  6. I am counting on your forecast, that means a great winter in your old home Florida. We got a little cold last year. Hope your day was good, we are a little late getting around.
    Sherry & Jack