Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Bad .....The Good......

The Bad..

Cold.....strong winds....overcast.....rain.....turning into snow...


I could have a bad case of the blahs...if i let myself...
Trying to decide which way to go......blah or get up and do something....
Maybe I should flip a coin....

The Good...

The Pioneer Woman's Turkey Tetrazzini recipe...


and really uses up that left over turkey..
I left out the white wine....didn't have any and didn't want to run to the store and buy any..


the Tetrazzini turned out great without it...
I think the block of cream cheese is the secret...

Had to send half of the left overs home with the parental units....'cause.....i knew i would eat every little morsel that was still in the house....

Do i know myself of what...?

Had a plate full for breakfast with four sugar cookies and coffee..

Breakfast of Champs....!!

Well......i'm off to flip that coin...

Life is Good


  1. Hope you do enjoy your Sunday. It's windy and raining here too but so far I haven't seen any snow in the forecast till maybe next week.

  2. Hi, We've had horrendous winds here but today it is calmer out. Sounds like a day to just sit and watch something good on t.v.
    Hope you week is better.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Yesterday it was rainy and cold but I couldn't have been happier about the rain. We need it so desperately. Today the sun is shining but it's still mighty cold for this neck of the woods. I'd share some sunshine with you if I could. I made turkey salad out of our leftovers and sent half home with our daughter along with half of the leftover homemade rolls and some slices of pie. She didn't want to take any of the sweet salads with her because she doesn't like fruit. At least while we're finishing those off we'll be eating fruit and that's a good thing - right?

  4. Just use a two headed coin, and make it 'Heads' I don't BLAH out today!!

    Good read. We have been visiting a neighbor in the hospital all day, again today, I am going to sleep at the wheel or keyboard. Love from down here.

  5. mmm mmm good...tetrazinni sounds so filling and "scar"umptious...I luz leftovers...mmm!

  6. Well we sat out in the rain and cold today at the Titan game. But...dry now in front of the fireplace! Now it's raining cats and dogs. Flood watch. I guess it's moving on in your direction. Be cozy!

  7. I hope you had a great day in spite of the blahs! Snow? Goodness!!!

  8. We've had temps in the 60s. We're getting spoiled but I figured since we had a snowstorm for Halloween, we deserve this warm weather. LOL

  9. We've had temps in the 60s. We're getting spoiled but I figured since we had a snowstorm for Halloween, we deserve this warm weather. LOL

  10. Bad weather is a great excuse to cook. I'll use it every time.
    Glad you had a good holiday and am a bit envious of possible snow. We just have the nasty part.

  11. Cookies... that's my kind of breakfast! Love your porch and view!