Friday, November 4, 2011

Can you hear the hum.....?

Why i do these things to myself i'll never know...
I took on the challenge of three commissioned quilts by Christmas...
Can you tell this first one is for a 5 year old sweetheart that picked her own fabric...
Hot pinks...purples....lavenders....blues....neon greens...with flowers and swirls...

I needed a new pattern that was quick and easy and would please a little girl....
i rummaged around in the sewing room and came up with....
Fatty, Fatty, 2x4
a Thimbleberries by Lynette Jensen
quick...easy and sooooo cute....!!

This is the fabric for the next two.....the brothers.....of the sweetheart....
and Yes..!!.....those are bugs on the bottom fabric...
(Please ignore knitted hats.....those go to a local charity)

Now i have to find a quick....easy pattern that would be good for "Bugs!"

Life is Good


  1. I can hear the hum all the way to here. They will love them for sure.

  2. You are going to be one busy lady getting 3 quilts done. But you'll be doing something you love so it will all be loads of fun. Enjoy your Friday!

  3. You are one creative mountaineer up there. There is not a doubt all will be finished and all will be beautiful!!!!
    From Florida...LOVE

  4. Good are going to be very busy!!
    Can't wait to see the finished quilts. I love, love quilts!

  5. A great way to spend house bound days. Have fun.

  6. You're one busy lady. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your beautiful work. Take care, Jean.

  7. Oh....I just love your fabric!!

  8. Wonderful colors of fabric. I'm sure your project will turn out beautiful.

  9. She picked out her own colors and fabrics ... been there and done that. And it turned out great! I was surprised. haha
    You are going to be one busy lady.

  10. THREE by Christmas! Egads. Hear the Hum? More like smell the smoke. You will be busy.

  11. The fabrics are cute! Love those pinks/purples especially. You are so smart to be able to make these quilts.