Thursday, November 10, 2011


the MaleChild and i have many common interest...
The one we share most often is gazing at the night sky..
We're constantly watching the changes of the moon.....constellation positions....and the visible plants.....we even have "sky charts" bookmarked on our computers....

This pictured was taken Tuesday night as we set up the camera on the tripod in an effort to catch the asteroid as it flew by......we missed it....


Appalachian State University( has an observatory just across the gap from us...

Hummmmm....imagine that...!!

They have several telescopes......the newest one is a PlaneWave 17-incher...
Construction is finished and they now have public nights...
These nights are published on facebook and with in minutes the tickets are gone....!!


Five......count'm......five tickets.....for the 19th of November...!!

Grab your coats parental units....
We're on our way to the stars...!!!!

Life is Good


  1. Well what a catch. It is amazing with computers working at the speed of light and so many vying for entry to get in FIRST, that you squeezed in for FIVE.

    Nice to see someone beat the odds!
    From Blue Springs SP, Florida
    Sherry & Jack

  2. I enjoy the night sky too. It is an amazing view and with the full moon it is even more awesome.

  3. That moon was marvelous. I'm glad you all are getting a chance to see the stars! Life is good!

  4. Great moon photo! I am fascinated by the night sky, too. One of the few good things about Texas is that the night skies are so clear. When I lived in Los Angeles, the smog obscured everything.

  5. Oh how awesome..when we visited some friends in Prescott Valley, AZ. the sky was spectacular....They have a night sky ordinance and to see the bazillion stars on that black sky was breathtaking.....Glad to hear that you are going star gazing....You will just love it...
    Love from the Triad

  6. Great shot. After our snow storm yesterday, the moon came out, and wow was the woods bright. Have a great weekend.

  7. Telescopes can be amazing. I hope you have a wonderful night!

  8. Lucky you to have nearby access to a telescope. Enjoy.
    The moon has really been awesome lately. Nice shot.