Tuesday, November 22, 2011


...still harvesting trees across the road...

Last night there was some sort'a emergency over at the loading area...
it involved two rescue units and about 8 trucks...
It was too dark to see much and too dark for pictures....(sorry)...
Everyone seemed to be OK ...... cause neither one of the units left with lights flashing and sirens screaming...
If we find out what happened....i'll let you know....

Until then...we're off to the Wal*Mart for the last minute shopping....

Life is Good


  1. I do hope all is well with the Christmas Tree people. I have to do some of that last minute shopping too. It'll probably be a busy day for the grocery stores. Take care and have a Terrific Tuesday.

  2. Oh my gosh, is it really that time already? It seems to come so quickly anymore; where's the recovery time?
    :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Yeah things are heating up all over. More tents going up saying Christmas Trees SOON!

    Glad it seems no major injuries in the incident.
    Love from down here.

  4. So glad no one was seriously hurt!

    I hope your Walmart run was better than mine. I was there before 8am and the place was crazy busy.

  5. It might have been a Christmas tree emergency. Someone needed a Christmas tree right away! :)

  6. Busy time of year for the spaying of the green on the trees I guess..Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  7. That is scary. I'm sure they use power tools to cut the trees.
    I don't put up a tree (cat won't allow it) but love to smell them at the tent sales. Glad they don't charge me for sniffing.