Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tree Update.....

These pictures were taken this AM.....just as the sun was coming up..

The workers are loading the "big" trucks...
Shipping Christmas trees to a tree lot near you...
I told you....if we found out about the emergency crews on Monday night i'd let you know...

Boy....was i wrong...!!

They had a tree worker fall off a trailer load of trees and die...
The management believes he either had a heart attack or the load shifted and he fell 10 feet to the ground - breaking his neck...
He was 61 year old....this was his 33rd season working trees...he leaves a wife and 8 his crew...
There has been NO laughter or singing from the fields all week..

The experts say....that logging is the most dangerous job in the world....
Could tree farming be considered logging on a smaller scale...?

Rest in Peace..


  1. OMG that is just awful. That poor family is left with out a father and husband. I am just so sorry and will put them in my prayers. Let us know if a fund is being set up for them.

  2. May he rest in peace. So sorry to hear of that tragedy.
    Praying for the safety of all those workers trying to make the holidays more joyful for all of us.

  3. That is so sad especially at this time of year. I guess any job can be a danger. Prayers for his family and the crew.

  4. When we lived in Upper Michigan, there were always logging trucks going through the small town we lived in...And, yes, logging is dangerous. Then re-foresters came in and planted more trees. Very interesting.
    I will pray for this man's family. Thank you for sharing.
    Love from down in the Triad

  5. So sad and especially to lose a loved one at this time of year. My prayers for his family and the men who worked with him.

  6. My heart breaks for this family. So sad and thanks for sharing. Jean

  7. What a sad Christmas for those folk. Amazing how just a second, just a slip and lives are forever changed.
    Incidents like that you know how fragile life is, with that one 'silver cord' holding a life.

    Prayer for the family and crew.

  8. I heard about that on this end of the mountain, but never would have guessed it was right by you. WOW, so sad. Yes, tree-ing is a form of logging. I'd say anyway.