Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random Thoughts....

Mia sits funny...

Max needs a hair cut....

I'm still seeing shadows in my right's better than last month...

The leaves are almost gone....

Are those snow clouds behind the parental units lodge....?

Is this a line up for the bird feeder...?

Just a few of the photos i captured this AM from the front porch...Should have made a
smell-a-vision movie...


I hear chain saws in the distance and the smell of "pine" is in the air...

Someones cutting Christmas trees this morning...
and the smell is very holidayish......

Life is Good


  1. Enjoyed the pictures and your narrative. Funny I think I got a swift passing of the scent of pine. Yeah you will definitely start smelling the scent first.
    from down ere!!!
    Sherry & Jack

  2. Your thoughts from the porch were just wonderful this morning. We have a fence in the backyard by the suet cake I have hung out and the birds do line up on it for their turn. It won't be long and we'll be seeing those Christmas trees appearing here I'm sure. I love the smell of pine. I hope your Sunday is filled with lots of that good R and R there.

  3. Loved the photos and your thoughts, thanks for sharing.

  4. That might be the snow that we had earlier this week!!

  5. Cute picture of the birds lined up.

  6. Hello, after my summer without a computer, I am now catching up with everyone. The first thing I noticed here is that absolutely gorgeous header photo. What a catch, what light, what a gorgeous cloud and the colors, so similar, earth to cloud. Oops, I didn't mean to ramble on. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  7. Just catching up with my blogs.... hope you're feeling better!

  8. Enjoyed the pictures. The smell of pine - I wish I was there to smell it too. You are right - it is very holidayish and it puts me in the mood for Christmas.

  9. Hay, that is not so funny, I kind of sit like that:)) Go Mia.
    I am envious of the snow clouds. We almost got to 80 yesterday.

  10. Are those Christmas rugs that I spy in there??? (I'm always a couple of months behind *sigh*) Beautiful photos, btw. :D