Tuesday, November 8, 2011


...seem to be fog and frost lately...
And beautiful..
Just throw on some sweat pants....a jacket....with a hood....
And it's prefect for front porch sitting...


Coffee is cold and the dogs have deserted me....
Must be time to go inside the nice warm house....

Life is Good


  1. Such a glorious view! Hope you enjoy the day. I'd love for you to visit/comment - I've got a few cake recipes the past few posts, if you like to bake.

  2. With that view, I'd put up with cold coffee.

  3. Sounds like a great place to sit, BUT with warm coffee, and of course with some furry company.
    Beautiful view.
    From Florida
    Sherry & Jack

  4. Awww I don't care if the coffee is cold. Life is good!

  5. I save my porch sitting for the afternoons here. The sun on the back of the house warms things up pretty nicely. This is the warmest of our Indian Summer days here with temps reaching 70. Almost unheard of for us in November. It won't last much longer, so that's where I'll be shortly...out on the porch.