Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day #2......

...of this!!
To top things off...the temp is suppose to start dropping and we may have snow flurries by this afternoon...
Days like today rob me of my get up and quilting mojo...
Can't seem to get the body moving ....

Reading a good murder mystery..doesn't help either....
i find myself carrying the dang book in my pocket...
Just in case a few spare minutes should overtake me..

Hope for sun tomorrow....'cause i really need to get these quilts done...

Life is Good


  1. I think it may be a long cold winter. Think I'm fill a crock pot with some chopped onions, beans, meat, tomatoes and spices to simmer while I bake a big cake of cornbread made with chopped onions, cream corn, shredded cheese, eggs, milk and cornmeal. Yum.

  2. I just chewed Sheila out for that comment, it made me hungry this early in teh morning.

    Ain't it the truth, yo get all fired up start some things, and the weather messes with your head. HOWEVER Down here in Northern PBC, the sun is out and we plan to walk ont he beach!

    I really do miss the beauty of the mts, but not the COLD!!!!!'

    Love from down here. NOW GET TO WORK ON THE QUILTS!!!!!

  3. I sometimes think we are given gloomy days to rest and re-energize.

  4. I found that I had a few days this week where my book just wouldn't leave me alone and I had to read rather than do other things too. Even though today is off to a very slow start, something else will get done besides reading. Relax and enjoy that book. The mojo will come back.

  5. This weather makes me feel like hibernating. I don't like cloudy dreary days. I miss the sun.

  6. Oh yes, I'm going riding tomorrow and I know my toes will be numb by the end of the ride!