Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Visit......

Jack & Jill...along with Mama made another visit to the wonderland of our front yard....
One of them seemed to be trying out those "long-spindly" legs.....

And was preforming a series of turns and spins.....with an occasional "splat" when the hoofs missed the ground.......

Mom and sibling were not impressed......interrupted the grazing time!

The male child video taped the action....but....for some reason Blogger will not let me download it for your viewing pleasure....

Guess all those interested...will just have to stop by the cabin ...for ice tea, popcorn and the's only 1 min 37 sec long and no charge!!!



  1. Awww how sweet. Hubby and I saw a pretty sight several years ago not far from home there were several deer grazing and several of the fawns were playing and jumping like that. I didn't have a camera at that time. I never expect to see that sight again. Helen

  2. save me a seat and send me a airplane ticket

  3. What a lovely show you get to see. I've only seen the fawn in our neighborhood that one time and John saw the mama duck with babies that one time. Wish they would come back.

  4. Stopped by for a view, nice pictures, our fawns are still spotted up here in Yankee country!! So far June and July have been below normal temps, cool, wet and might set some kind of record for being the coldest in 40 years!! Nice visit, Take Care!!

  5. Aw, how sweet is right!
    I hope male-child can figure out what is going amiss with the video upload. (I'm about to talk technical here) Maybe it's not saved to a compatible file format? maybe load it on to youtube and then insert the the encoding in html format? (Or maybe some guys - like mr. from-the-prairie - don't use the help menus when they need it?)

  6. thewy are getting big...and cuter and cuter!


  7. they have grown a bit! so cute! I bet it is a joy to see them :)

    enjoy your Sunday


  8. Aren't they wonderful to watch? I love seeing them chase each other. Great shots. It is so hard to catch them standing still.