Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home......

After my post yesterday.....in which i told you i had nothing......the noise began...

Coming down the road was a "HUGH" crane and 2 semi's......

The neighbors new house had arrived....
by 9AM when i took the first picture....the first floor was framed and the flooring for the second floor was under way.....

Now....in the second and third picture.....Pug......yep that's his name.....Pug!!
He does alllllll the crane work up here in our little burg.....

Was lifting the rafters for the roof......this was probably about 12:30!!!

By 5PM.....Pug was packing up the crane and heading back down the road....
leaving my neighbors with a brand new house!

I'm sure there is some inside work that needs to be done....

but....the joy of modern technology ......it amazes me!

And can you imagine the stories the kids can tell tomorrow when school starts.....

"Why yes!......Pug and his crane built our house in one day!!"

Congratulation to the Church's.....

Wonder if Tammi can use a new tablerunner??!!



  1. Wow- interesting story indeed I bet she would love your Tablerunner. Who wouldn't?

  2. That is way to far away to be a neighbor, at least here in pa anyway

  3. how cute! I bet it was fun to see the house being put "together" in a day. I bet you are excited to get some new neighbors in your valley


  4. Wow, they do those houses quickly don't they. You've been tagged.

  5. How amazing! It would have been fun to watch it all.

  6. I hope you watched it well done. One time they moved my deighbor's house over so they could build another one. I stood in the corner of my yard and watched it all.

  7. Hey Linda May :) Just dropping in to say hello and see whats been going on in your world. Looks like things are going really well, other than the borderline diabetic thing, which I know you can beat that. :) Your quilts look fabulous as always, your animals look content, maybe even spoiled. ;) Everything looks beautiful around there.