Saturday, August 22, 2009


Between Hurricane Bill's little temper tantrum off the coast and the cold front moving across the mid west....the high country is caught in a soupy mess this AM......
Made driving to work a fun trip.....
It's FOG people...... please turn on your lights!!!
Nothing wakes you up faster than cruising down a curvy mountain road and coming face-to-face with another truck on your side of the road!!!
OK....Whew!!! .....
I just have to make it through today and tomorrow .....then City Boy and I are off to Atlanta to visit the daughter's family for a few days ...... or is it Hotlanta???
I'm trying to find some summer clothes in my closet....shorts!!??? If i appeared in those might be as news worthy as Mrs. Obama!!!
Can you wear jeans and staff t-shirts in the Atlanta heat!!??


  1. Oh, yeah, it is HOTlanta!! With a little rain mixed with the heat it has been like walking into soup the past few days. Jeans and a t-shirt? I do every now and then, but only if I'm out in the morning and in by the afternoon. Otherwise they just end up sticking to you. ;)
    I'll take a foggy, cool morning any day!

  2. Yepp, I agree it's Hotlanta! I'm glad that you are safe are that crazy driver.

  3. HAve fun in Atlanta. You can always go run through the water in Olympic Park if you get too hot. Everytime I have been there it has been for conventions in July. The weather was no different than being here on the coast of VA.

  4. Since we will be spending most of our time at the quilt shop :) I say wear the jeans!!!! See you guys Tuesday!

  5. Oh, dear. I'm glad you are OK...way-to-be a defensive driver!

    Have a safe trip. ~Natalie

  6. Have a safe fun trip to Atlanta but I would tuck in a couple pair of shorts. Helen