Thursday, August 13, 2009

Found it....!!

For the last two nights i have been trying to see the Perseid meteor showers...
First i was told to watch in the northeast sky just above the horizon.....
then i was told "No" they are in the northwest sky....
And yesterday the male child told me it's to the left of the moon...
Well.....after trying to swivel my head like an owl for two an effort to find the moon in an overcast mountain sky.....
I FOUND IT..!!....the moon that is...!!
It was in the male child's picture folder, on his computer , under the date 07-29-09
....Anyway... the dogs and i did catch a few meteors racing across the sky late last night...


  1. do you see many stars out at nights at your place? we don't.

  2. LM, I've been trying to stay awake long enough to see them. I understood that you could see them after midnight, and I just can't keep my old eyes open that long!! Congratulations!! I'm gonna keep trying!!

  3. Hubby, C and myself were out until 1 a.m. watching the show. It was incredible. C would have stayed out even later, however as the driver I was just too tired. Last night you could see them everywhere you looked. The night before it was in the NE. I think you will still be able to see some tonight.

    Last year when we went at this time we seen 80 in about 2 hours. We didn't see near as many this year because of clouds. What we did see was spectacular.

    Heh, it's nice to know we were both doing the same thing last night. Love it!!

  4. I meant to watch them last night but completely forgot to do so. Your moon picture is beautiful even though you got it off your son's computer. Helen

  5. I've heard that they are seeing it pretty good out in The Antelope Valley her in Southern California. I used to see the last part of it when I used to drive up there to work early in the morning (4:00 am), but have not seen it for years now.

  6. We were fortunate to see the bitter end and was fascinated. Happy to hear you were able to catch a glimps. Take care and thank you for visiting.

  7. glad you saw some meteors; I totally forgot this was going on outside :)