Tuesday, August 11, 2009

He's at it again......

The male child appeared at the top of the stairs again last night.....
Mumbled that he had gone to the store and looked at the cargo pants and they were OK if i wanted to buy them.......buy them!!! The ones he's wearing is being held together by the double stitching!!!!
Then he proceed to download/upload another batch of his pictures......
I love this little bunny....look at that huge patch of clover he's reclining in!!
Between the bird feeders, the deer feeders, the "stuff" i throw to the groundhogs and the clover our bunnies are feasting at a luxury buffet.....
Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. Cute little bunny! I guess he is not eating things around your house that he shouldn't. Some have a terrible time trying to keep them out of the garden. Hope Your Tuesday is a good one too!

  2. What a cute bunny. Sounds like you live in a little slice of heaven. I'm sure of it!!

  3. We have some big ones we see way out in the pasture but none come up here in daylight and it's probably because of the hunter Tom Cat TC!

  4. he's so adorable! and looks well fed too!!

    have a great Tuesday :)


  5. It is nice that you keep the wildlife fed well also. :) That is a picture perfect bunny for sure.

  6. Cute bunny rabbit. We seldom see any rabbits at the ranch anymore. John thinks the wild hogs have eaten them. I sure miss them especially the jack rabbits.