Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Fixed.....

This was my surprise from "City Boy"....he said "he just fell in love with this little pepper plant" and knew it would look great on our table........OK....."City Boy doesn't do this knid'a stuff very often.....what's the real reason??....AWWWWWW....a pepper plant....a "HOT" pepper plant!!!....good to use in hot pickled i know!!

It is cute and very colorful.......i fell in love with it, too.......

This is the table topper i plan to finish this weekend......
Then i'm gonna gift it to the wife of the mountain's lead ranger......her birthday is next Friday and i think she needs this as a "girlie" thing for her house.....

Tough living with a bunch of boys....just ask my female child.......

And this is Max pretending to be a cat.......maybe he thinks that being a cat will save him ......after all was big, large,unrepairable holes in my "love you more than my luggage" sheets!

I can't be mad at him......he's toooooo cute......and he just wanted to snuggle!

The male child fixed the internet for me ......he mumbled something about a router and recognizing and main frame connection.....disappeared into the downstairs office for a few minutes and ....."Viola" it works.....

Thanks Kid....



  1. Love your little quilt top! And your dog trying to be a cat, how funny!! Love your blog too! Hugs, Mary

  2. Look at Maxy!!!! He seems to be incognito!!! The Spanish teacher in me LOVES the peppers!!! I believe the lead ranger's wife will love the girlie gift for her bday. It will look great on their table. I won't tell! Missin you today here at the mt.

  3. love the green ll bean bag sitting next to Max. I have one to match!

  4. That pepper plant is pretty. It looks more like a bouquet. Max looks so cute in the window. The quilt is beautiful. Helen

  5. I too love your little quilt top. Your dog is just so cute, brings back memories of our Sassie cat. She had a special spot that she loved...the window sill in C's room. Hugs

  6. I know exactly what your dog is feeling. It's hard living will all boys but know I couldn't live a day without them. I have had my pepper plant for over 3 years ~ be careful they are hot! Take care and enjoy your today,

  7. The pepper plant does look very nice on your table.