Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's ya doing????

This is how Max plans on spending his day.......

Today's my dad's birthday ..... so i'm cooking a BD dinner for this evening...

Turkey breast, squash casserole, salad, etc....etc.....
and maybe i'll do a little, i've got to finish the table topper on my workbench ......cause another idea is tickling my brain.....

How 'bout you........what's ya doing???!!


PS......Miss Mia has a small fatty tumor......we just need to watch it for now.....if it getts bigger, then we'll do all that fancy ($$$$$) stuff..........


  1. glad to hear their respective checks ups went for dinner what time should I arrive???? lol

  2. The dinner sounds great! Glad the vet check was fine. I'm catching up on blogs and e-mail after a busy week of helping hubby. I will be dealing with a large harvest of peppers and okra later. Hubby is hard at work on the new chicken coop and we can't wait to get it finished and full of hens!

  3. Happy Birthday Daddy! I want to come eat with you!

    I hope sweet little Mia does just fine!

  4. We have a 16yr old dog that has several of those now, the Vet said as long as they are soft not to worry. What time is dinner? :-) sounds good.

  5. What a cutie! Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  6. I think Max has the right idea on how to spend the day. I hope Mia is doing well. :-)

  7. Tip has a few of those. How old is Mia? I had them draw from one on her belly, and they drew out fat from it, and said it was fine. They told me the soft ones like that are just fat deposits and it is common for older dogs to get them. Tip is 9 on Saturday and she has had one under in her armpit for a couple of years that is very slowly growing. Its heck getting older! ;)