Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're off.......

.......the male child and i are taking the fur babies to the Vet this morning....

It's always a fun trip!!!

Max needs his yearly check-up and Mia has some sort of bump? lump?...don't know what you would call it....on her right front doesn't bother her in any way.....but......being the Mom that i am......well,......gotta check it out!!!

Good thing we have that "Wilted" money tree in the back yard.....
Think i'm gonna name that tree "VISA"!!!



  1. good luck, which Vet do you go to? We go to Howard Johnson on Hwy 105.

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  3. I just "Discovered" our tree...

  4. I hope everything goes well at the vet. Do you think you could give me a cutting off your money tree. I sure need it!

  5. My money tree didn't produce any fruit this year. Honestly, I think it's a peon tree ... at least that's what boy-dog uses it for ...

  6. You have a money tree??? Can I have a piece of it to cultivate and grow??? LOL!