Monday, August 31, 2009


Getting back on the road for work after a vacation is the pits!!!
I know that Monday is suppose to be my favorite day of the week....but....some Mondays i question that decision!!??
If God brings you to it
God will see you through it.....
Isn't that a great attitude....i enjoy reading the marquees in front of the local churches.....some of the greatest ideas and/or advice can be found on marquees!
Church marquees are right up there with steeples in my all-time favorite category

Plus...i like to word "marquee"'s a fun word to say.....



  1. I didn't realize you had traffic up there. I love many of the church sayings that I see. I have often wondered if they get an email or if there is a book that goes around to all of the churches with a list of short sayings that will fit on the marquees. Gotta admit, I've never seen the same one twice.

  2. I agree with you. I constantly read those messages.....wonderful advice & many make you stop & think about something in a way you never thought before. I love you message today. God is Good!

  3. Yes...I love to read the church
    'marquee's' too.....AND I also love to say the word too. It just sounds so fun and prissy and important and rolls off your tongue good!!

  4. I love to say Marquee too...maybe I should have named one of my kids that name...or maybe a new blog??? hum...I'm getting tons of ideas here...

  5. I'm now finished with half of my Monday and its a good thing. I wouldn't mind it so much but my brain is still on slow time and it hates having to work. I think my head is sore. Hope your Monday is a good one!

  6. I was trying to ID where that was taken but hmmm...

  7. Oh yes, I don't miss the mornings of riding through wet asphalt.

    I like saying marguee too! I may just name the next goat Marguee.

    I also like those great attitude sayings and believings.
    Have a great day.

  8. Just like all the other comments I too enjoy reading "sayings" especially when I need it right then & there. Sorry about your Monday...maybe Tuesday will be better???
    Have a good one anyway...blessings!

  9. I agree with you too. I often read them. Wow, lots of construction...we have it here too. Anywhere you drive, they are doing construction.

  10. Great sayings on those church marquees! This one is one of the best! Happy Tuesday!! :0)