Friday, November 5, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust........

....Yes, Bloggerville....another camping season is over for me....!!
Due to some minor budget problems ....... i agreed to leave 3 weeks early....
I'm happy......i don't mind.....i'm ready for my winter break.....
It has been an exhausting season of firsts....
First full year of the reservation system.......first full year of working at "one" park, instead of dividing my time between two......first full year of dealing with "first-time" campers.....first year for the New River Celebration or the "Snot Otter" day as we like to call it....
It's been an
The park will remain open and functional for the remaining winter months without me....
I'll miss the girls, all the rangers, the maintenance guys and the daily rat-race of working....
But....then.....i've got a to-do list as long as my arm waiting for me at home...
Maybe i can slowly work thru that list...... or not.....
After all March is only 3 1/2 months away....!!
I'll Be Back...New River....I'll Be Back....!!


  1. OH YAY!!!! March is only 3.5 months away! Thank you for that uplifting reminder...If I keep that mantra in my head, I just may make it through winter, LOL. I retired from full-time teaching three years ago, and although I love teaching, I never looked back. Of course, it helps that I still teach part time and I have a sweet group of 8 four year olds, but still...I'd like to stay home full time now. I have a long to-do list as well, and have only knocked off one or two things!


  2. does this mean I can expect a visit from Mom and Mom??? You need to come see the new quilt shop!

  3. It is nice to know how close March is, but you enjoy your time off. don't let that to do list run your life. Like I should talk.

  4. I hope your 3.5 months are enjoyable ones and you get all you want done there. With the holidays soon upon us I'm sure those days will be full and busy ones. Have a Happy Friday!

  5. I do love the New River. It is so beautiful!!

  6. I knew you didn't work through the winter but I didn't realize that you worked in a camping area. I know it would be hard work, but boy, I think it would be a fun job!

  7. Three and half months goes by darn fast. I know, been there and haven't gotten a darn thing accomplished except maybe my house was a little more organized and cleaner for that time period.

    But think - three and half months and maybe in Wyoming we will be seeing the end of the tunnel as far as winter goes!!

  8. A year of first...enjoy your down time...

  9. Working at the park sounds nice, and I'm envious, I'd love to have the winter months off.

  10. It sounds like a gratifying season even though there was a lot of frustration. I know us campers can get on one's last nerve sometime. I have met a few who I know could try a Ranger's patience.

    It seems you have a great working arrangement. Giving you some time to catch up on the to do list etc. Stay home with Miss Kitty and Max more. Not to mention the Man in your life. LOL
    Good luck on the to do list.
    Love from Mississippi!

  11. So that means in 3.5 months the daffs will be poking through...I'll hold you to it, hear! Warm days are still hear in Nova Scotia because of a warm front that was squeezed our way. Rain and wind ..yow..last calmish with some drizzle. Ah, the life if a Maritmer!

  12. I'm looking forward to winter myself. March can stay away for a while. Enjoy your time off.--Inger