Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Monday.......!!!!

These are so colorful and cute, I could not resist a picture or two.....
They were in the planters along the street between the movie theater and the cheese factory...

And yes.....that is their real color....!

The malechild body blocked the sun so the glare would not fade them out....

Would you call them purple or periwinkle blue....??

Anyway ......we went to see "RED" that Bruce Willis.....



  1. I'm not so sure what color they are but no doubt they are beautiful! I hope your Monday is a great one!

  2. They are such a beautiful colour and such a pretty flower ~ Ally x

  3. Amazing how nature paints such vibrant colours some time. The last time we were by the cheese factory they weren't making cheese. But I did buy some curds from the outlet store.
    Red? a movie. I don't keep up but I do like bruce willis

  4. Purty! Mine are green...the deer ate all the blooms..ARG! I love pansies so and need to put them on the decks away from our deer herds!