Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Even in the Rain.....

....sorry about the quality of this picture....
but.....it's RAINING...!!

And even in the rain the trucks must roll....
soooooo....they keep on packing those trees.....!!

It's a Dirty Job....
Where's Mike Rowe when you need him....??



  1. It's been raining here this morning too but I have Mr. Wonderful here so things are looking bright anyway. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

  2. We have had rain here too, been out having some fires as we work around the plantation. Getting rid of old rottening wood and clearing the area.
    There have been time I actually enjoyed working inthe rain. Whether it was the uniqueness of the idea or what, I don't know. But now, 'hearing aids don't like rain', my excuse.
    Always love your entries Linda.

  3. Raining here also. I hope those big trucks won't tear up your roads. They are pretty heavy on a smaller road. Helen

  4. Now, if you had a picture of Mike Rowe on your blog, that would brighten things up considerably!

    Rain here too, that is supposed to get much heavier this afternoon. There are even flood warnings for some parts of the county. Not near me, though. We're on sand, and on a slope down to the lake. No danger of flooding here, unless it's from the next 40 day and night rain.

  5. It is Snowing here and they say we are in for some more ~ those Trucks are Huge I wonder how many trees they transport before Christmas ~ Ally x

  6. It's raining here... but shouldn't it be snowing this time of year??!

  7. It's raining here... but shouldn't it be snowing this time of year??!

  8. It's raining here today too. I'll take rain anytime over snow.

    Have yourself a good day!

  9. It' s raining here, too. I wish it would whiten up!

  10. They are busy little bees aren't they? It rained here yesterday all day! Thanks for sharing!