Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Harvest Starts........

(these pictures are from last year)

The cutting of the trees has begun......
The loading of the tree trailers...
The hauling them out of the fields...

Running them down the road to the loading docks....
The packing of the "big rigs"....
And off to markets....

Soon to be on a tree lot near you....!!

Dodging these "tree trailers" is lots of fun..(?)

What am i crazy....they own the road..
You don't get in they're way!!

Good day to stay in and quilt....



  1. Oh, sweetheart, you are going to LOVE being retired!!! Forget the late sleeping though...get out side with those beautiful pooches & LIVE...:)JP

  2. They're already cutting the Christmas trees? Good grief, they won't have any needles left by Christmas. We like our local Christmas tree farm.

  3. Hi there, No snow here yet but it's coming. I'm planning on staying in this morning, hoping to finish my quilt so I can do the binding and use it for a couple more weeks. Have a nice warm day!

  4. Huh oh! I bet you are good at dodging!!

    What amazes me is the life span of a cut tree, this long before Christmas.

  5. Dodging big trucks is something we have to deal with on a daily basis too. Not ones with Christmas trees but other things like the big wind turbines.

  6. Wow, those have to be hardy trees to last that long. Very interesting entry! Have fun quilting. I hope you share what you make!

  7. Yes...be super careful on those roads...rather stick a needle in my finger than get shmucked by a truckerino! Xmas trees...nooo..not yet!