Monday, November 15, 2010


Ok.....i've stated many times on this blog....."I DON'T BAKE..!!"

However....i came across this recipe, over at www.THE7MSNRANCH.COM blog, that only had.....count'um ....4 ingredients....and NO kneading....!

Now, i have this little gluten problem and bread is not a staple at our dinner table...
but, had to try it....

You can bake it on that Pampered Chef stone, you bought 10 years ago and never used...!!

It made two loaves of "artisan" bread......small flat..very chewy, with a tangy flavor... came out of the oven yesterday at approx. 10:30 AM...
And this is all that's left....

We discovered it's very good with.....butter & wild grape jelly......cream cheese.....plain.....seasoned olive cheese....cheese dip....nacho dip.....

In a word......yummmmmmy....!! i've got this little gluten problem to get out of my system.....

Was it worth it.....??!!......time will tell.....



  1. Well it must have been lovely bread for you to end up with such a little bit left ~ I nearly helped nyself to the leftovers :O) ~ Ally x

  2. The bread looks so good. That is the kind I enjoy making. Now I have made the other kind that you let rise, but that is a rarity for me. Give me the simple life...Have a great Monday!

  3. Life is all about choices and sometimes you gotta be bad! I'm ashamed to say I made onion rings Saturday night...for DINNER! Two old people ate too many! This recipe looks easy enough for even me, will try it soon. We love artisan style bread!

  4. I'll have to go check it out right now. Thanks for the tip!

  5. That bread looks so good. Nothing quite like homemade bread. Hugs

  6. Looks good. I can almost smell it. Helen

  7. The bread and butter is exactly why I don't make bread. I could eat bread and butter for every mean and in-between snacks.

  8. Looks and sounds good. We are shy about baking around here too!
    Hope your week is going great!

  9. I miss homemade bread.
    Thanks for the info earlier , greatly appreciated.

  10. I not only don't bake, I don't cook very well either! LOL

  11. Oh....I love breads but try to stay away from them...this looks wonderful!

  12. I bet it was good. My MIL makes homemade sour dough bread. Oh sooooooooooo good fresh out of the oven with a little pat of butter.