Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Hills Are Alive.....

...with the sound of chainsaws.....

and tractors and trucks....

Even in the rain....
The harvest goes on.....!!



  1. So to a corner near us from the Blue Ridge Boomer comes our Christmas Trees.
    I am glad to hear that Christmas is near. The most lovely time of the year.

  2. I wonder can you smell the pine in the air? It is sooooo good. That is the glory of a real tree. I haven't had one in years and rely on my pine scented candles to give me that wonderful scent. I hope your Tuesday is a very TERRIFIC one.

  3. Loved the pictures ~ we don't have the chainsaws but the tractors are up and down the road all day ~ the Harvest has to be gathered in :O) ~ Ally x

  4. It's almost sad to see them cut down all the trees!

  5. Just think those beautiful trees will be in someone's home soon all decorated for Christmas.