Friday, November 26, 2010

Not Me....Man...!!!

To all you "Black Friday" shoppers out there....

"More power to ya......go girls and guys...."

"But.....Not Me Man....!!!

You won't find me out there in the malls at midnight.....
Nor lined up outside of Wal Mart for the 5 AM specials.....

Nooooo Wayyyy...!!

The winds in the high country today are gusting up to 60's over cast and there is some slight snow flurries in the forecast..... female child and her SIL we're up and out shopping at 4 AM...

Sometimes i wonder if she's got any of my DNA...??


ps....flags at 8 AM.....during a wind gust....yikes...!!


  1. ...and not me, either! I won't be rush shopping at all. I have found over the past few years that on line shopping works out great for me.
    Beautiful view. Gerry

  2. Of course, I am on this island but you won't find me out there either....enjoy our day!

    We have never been the 'early' shopper, or BARGAIN DAYS shoppers when you had to be there to rush in the door.

    So it is also,'Not me man'.

    I like for others to do the things that drive their engines, but when it comes to Shopping, I now do it online when I can.
    Good entry.


    Love from the Piedmont

  4. Me either, no shopping today. Besides mine is all done ready to wrap. Have a great day and stay out of the wind.

  5. Never taken part in the madness...never will! I did get a 20% off blackfriday discount of fabric on-line early this morning thought.

  6. I'm with you 100%. I hate crowds.

  7. I stayed home this year. 29 outside. Way to cold for me to stand in line outside this year. My bird bath was frozen for the 3 days straight.

  8. Hi Linda May, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by the 5 Starr's Farm and becoming a follower. Thats so nice.
    I'm with you, you couldn't get me to go shopping today, I think those people are nuts!

  9. The extra sleep is worth more than the few dollars I might save at a store!!

  10. We were out in the black Friday shopping world this morning. Let the house at 2:40 to be at Old Navy at 3:00 a.m. It was my first time to do anything like that. We had fun and other than waiting in line 1.5 hours - we got some GREAT deals.

  11. My husband and #2 grandson were up at 2:30am headed to Wally World. They were able to get what they went after. Me? I stayed at home in my nice warm bed but I couldn't sleep. So I got up and caught up on my blog reading. They got home about 6:30am. Grandson went to bed and my husband and I got ready to leave for Tulsa. We arrived in Tulsa about 10:30, went to several places, got some good bargains and thankfully it wasn't really crazy at all. The absolute worst line I stood in was at Kohl's and I was in line maybe 15 minutes tops.

  12. Me, either. In fact I haven't left the house since Wednesday afternoon. And I didn't shop on-line. I may venture out this afternoon for the important stuff . .milk, bread and more quilting needles!

  13. actually- to set the record straight- I was out at 12am with your oldest grandson, and back in bed by 2am! The DNA is from you- all those years of bartering!