Monday, November 8, 2010

Officially Unemployed......

It's first "real" day of unemployment...!!
And this was what i woke-up too.....

Mia in my face......with that.."your home...your home...come on get up....come on..!!" look....

And this is what it looked like outside....!!
Gotta teach these dogs about sleeping late....



  1. Waking up to that sweet little face and a beautiful sunrise isn't bad at all. Knowing that you have a day without going off to work is just great too! Enjoy a MERRY Monday!

  2. Yep, I would agree 100% they need to learn to sleep in, hahaha!

    But the Sky was worth getting up for.
    Have a great week!!!!
    Love from Mississippi, but headed for Nawlins and some beneighs & coffee!

  3. Isn't it nice to be loved! The sunrise is gorgeous.

  4. Sometimes when life comes to a fork in the road, we don't get to choose the path. I hope this new unemployment takes you on a journey that is both rewarding and relaxing!


  5. School here is out today and that is what I woke up to also but from my cat.

  6. She was probably in your face thinking "Get up Mom, you're gonna be late for work".

  7. I wake up with Maizy's face in mine just like that. It must be the Jack Russel in her! LOL

    Have a good week. What ya gonna do all week?